The Origin Story of a Best Selling Author

Every Great Story
Begins With Nothing.

Bestselling author Sean Platt might have never started writing if not for a gift from his wife on his 30th birthday. She bought him a Macbook, and told him to get started doing what she knew he was supposed to do.

Writer Dad is a love letter to Cindy, Sean’s family, and the craft of writing. It chronicles his first painful but necessary years, through his eventual success as a bestselling indie author.

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Sean Platt

Where's Sean Now?

He lives in Austin, Texas with his wife Cindy and their two children, Ethan and Haley.

In 2012 Sean founded the Sterling & Stone story studio with David Wright and Johnny B Truant. Since then they have published over 100 books and built a team of 20 amazing authors.

Sean is primarily a self-published author. However he has also been down the traditional publishing path when he published the Z2134 series and Monstrous with Amazon’s 47North publishing arm.

When he’s not writing best selling books, Sean shares what he’s learnt to help other authors on their journey.

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